Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pool Time

Almost every Wednesday, and usually one time during the weekend, we all head to the local pool in the late afternoon.  We got season passes so we don't feel too guilty about staying for just an hour or two.  We knew from last year that Vivian is an absolute fish (not only does she like the water, she seems to spend more time under than above- by choice).  Annelee loves bath time, so we were hopeful that she, too, would like the pool.  And, she does, even though the water is much colder than her bath!

Since we don't have any spare hands while we are at the pool, or waterproof cameras, you probably won't get pictures from the pool.  So, instead, I took some today at our "baby pool" at home for your viewing pleasure.  The girls lasted a long time in the water.  I finally pulled Annelee out when I was tired of taking cups away from her because she kept drinking the water.  She was probably confused, because, cups - they are for drinking, are they not?

Then Vivian got out soon after.  Vivian's favorite toys (at the big pool and at home, and on dry land) are Barbies at the moment.  So, Barbies get to swim an awful lot in our house, too.

Hamming it up for the camera
Ken and "newBarbie" and Barbie
Splish Splash!
She *HATES* having to go into the pool!
A typical scene - Annelee retrieves toys she threw out.  Vivian pours water from one container into another in the background.  And often on Annelee's head, too  ;)
I just couldn't get them both to look up at the same time...
Oh, THAT'S where you wanted me to look!
And, last but not least, a couple of videos.  I especially like how Vivian pours water over Annelee's head in the second one and Annelee just wonders for a split-second where that came from and then just gets on with what she was doing.

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