Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Time

Ok, I know it's technically still Spring.  But we've had some decidedly summer-like weather.  So we got out the blankets and bathing suits and water buckets and had some fun in the backyard.  Rowan joined us there, too.

I love how a couple of containers and a little bit of water can keep those to girls entertained for quite a while.  I equally love that our playhouse is finally getting used!  I don't like that I really need a blanket that covers the entire lawn to prevent Annelee from pulling it back and grazing the grass down to a rather short level (not pictured :).  Although, maybe Will would appreciate not having to mow the lawn?

Moving water between the buckets
Onto bigger things
And here's the purpose for all the water shuffling - the water dance!

Sitting pretty on her blanket
Annelee only narrowly escaped the threatened soaking!

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