Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Little Artist

I have to confess I don't do too much "artwork" with Vivian.  They do plenty of that at preschool - she brings home reams and reams of scribbled-on pages (and the occasional piece that I think I may actually save for her, too).

However, Vivian got some liquid-paint glitter pens from Grandma and also some other paint-dab pens from us, and we've been trying those out.  Both have been a big hit.  The glitter pens didn't really write, but once we took the top off, Vivian (with help) could squeeze out the paint and then finger-paint.  Well, more like hand-paint.  Lots of fun!

Squeezing out the paint
"Finger" painting
And here is probably my favorite painting that Vivian has made - I love that she's finally using more than one color and her people are all so wide and flat - cute!

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