Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I guess I'm just doing two posts a year at the moment, but they are for very important dates.  I've barely gotten used to Vivian being seven, and now she's turning eight!

She's definitely turned into a mega-bookworm; but has also enjoyed soccer this year and is currently playing basketball.  But I am most impressed with her flute-skills; both her ability to learn new stuff (probably because I know exactly how much more complex the pieces we are learning are) and her ability (and even desire) to go up on stage and play flute, preferably by herself.  She also got up in church the other day with a group of other girl scouts and answered some questions in front of the congregation about what they've been doing.  This from the girl that previously always turned to me and whispered "Mommy, you talk to them".

I have a feeling eight will be a lot of fun!

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