Sunday, July 26, 2015

F I V E !!!

We interrupt our very irregularly scheduled posts with an important annual tradition.  Annelee is five today!  For the longest time, she has been telling people she is 4 1/2.  Then, last month, Will told her she was 4 11/12th.  So she started telling people that.  So cute.  The last couple of days, she's been telling us that she JUST. CAN. NOT. WAIT. until her birthday and was not happy that I told her she had to.

Yet another year of developmental leaps is behind our little girl.  Her language has exploded further, and she has started reciting "sight words" and loves to sit on the couch and "read".  Annelee is most definitely ready for kindergarten to start in the fall.  This time next year, I expect our entire family to be sitting around, each reading a book.  Annelee will remain at Creative Minds for the mornings (as will a bunch of her friends), and then go to KG in the afternoon.  I think this will be a wonderful arrangement for her.

Annelee has also joined the rest of the girls on Gypsy Lane in roaming from house to house to find someone to play with.  She loves riding her bike on the street, chasing the chickens around and dictating exactly who says and does what when playing with us.

Happy birthday, my sweet girl!

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