Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vivian's Preschool Graduation

I have a feeling that, by the time actual college graduation rolls around, Vivian might just shrug and say "Eh, another graduation", but she was very excited about her first graduation this weekend - her preschool graduation.

There were 23 kids in Vivian's graduating class.  They all got decked out in graduation caps and gowns and individually marched up to the front where they recited a little Dr Seuss speech and then all sat down to watch a video with photos of them from their time at Creative Minds.  Then, they all got up and sang a song and then got their diplomas and threw their caps in the air!  There were bagels and coffee afterwards; but we were eager to leave for Virginia, so we stayed for a few photos and then left.

Vivian loved it and wore her graduation cap a good part of the weekend.

Congratulations, Grad!  :)

Unlike college graduation, Vivian and her pals were all back at preschool this week as if nothing had changed.  They have a few more months to go before Kindergarten actually starts in September.

Class names and hand prints

Waiting to walk up front

Is she going to be ordained?

Dr Seuss speech

2013 Grad

Action shots should be blurry, right?

"Future husband" Gregory and Vivian

Family Portrait

With her teachers, Ms Shana and Ms Stephanie

The girl gang ... Vivian, Layla, Nina, Althea, Mckenzie, Gwenna
A quick video of the whole class singing the "50 nifty" song.  Click here if you cannot see it below.

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