Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013 - Plan B

Memorial Day weekend does not seem to be the ideal weekend for us to kick off our camping season for the summer.  Last year, we endured a massive thunderstorm (but had fun, anyways).  This year, the predicted night-time temperatures made us decide to stay home and forgo freezing in a tent with little kids.  Instead, we did a bunch of different things at home and had a fun weekend anyways!

We started the weekend off with a trip to the Children's Museum.  They had a Clifford exhibit (the girls love Clifford thanks to a hand-me-down book from Daddy and his siblings).  On Saturday, we dug out the water table and got a fire going in the fire pit.  Complete with dinner grilled on Daddy's new grill.  Sunday was the annual Memorial Day picnic at Sunnyhill; and Monday brought the annual Memorial Day parade through Gypsy Lane and Crystal Drive.  Fun, fun, fun.  Here are some pictures.

Vivian dressed up as Clifford's dog friend and gave a drumming concert

Busy pumping water.  And when did Annelee get so big?

Painting with water - a huge hit

This rain curtain is where a bathing suit would've come in handy

Not that the lack of bathing suits stopped anyone from running through ...

Vivian is trying to blow-dry Annelee's hair

Memorial Day picnic with Perrin

First appearance of the water table

Our fire

Daddy's new sunny & deer-proof tomato garden

Just chillaxing

The Gypsy twins

Ready for the Memorial Day parade

The tie is becoming a tradition

Popsicles after the parade

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