Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trip to Virginia

At the beginning of the month, we went to Virginia and got together with all the Page siblings to sort through Anne and Newton's house and find homes for all those items that people had interest in keeping.  And you know that, no matter what the reason for the trip, we had fun getting together with everyone!

We spent a whole day at the house.  Many things found a home.  Many memories were shared.  Much fun was had.  The girls both loved all the jewelry (much costume jewelry from Anne's Mom) and were very happy to get some of those, as well as a special ring/necklace set (Anne's favorite ring that matched her eyes for Vivian and a set from Alaska for Annelee).  Will got the chifforobe that he liked.  He just has to go back and pick it up ...

As usual, we stayed at Hotel Aunt Susan's and the girls (and Will and I, too) were totally spoiled there.  Casey and Ernie also came by on Saturday after we arrived and got their girl-love fix.

Casey and Annelee playing with Casey's new toy from the Museum

By the end of the weekend, Annelee was able to assemble it all by herself and was mightily pleased with that

Playing cornhole

Nike-walking is always one of the highlights of Vivian's trip

All the Page siblings in the same spot - a rare treat

On the way back, Annelee, Vivian and I stopped by Anne and Newton's grave

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