Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Saturday in Virginia

As is becoming tradition, much of the family congregated at Susan & Dan's house to hang out and have some yummy food. Anne, Casey and Ernie were all there on Saturday. 

For the first time, Annelee was so relaxed around these "strangers" that Will, Anne, Casey, Ernie and I left Susan and Dan with both our kids for lunch and a nap (Annelee).  They had a fun picnic up in the tree house and Annelee did very well.  Vivian always does well when Aunt Susan is around  :)  We went for lunch at Coastal Flats (oh, how I miss the Great American Restaurants) and enjoyed only taking care of our own food.

Vivian loved the tree house, so we had to go up there several times, Susan and Casey did playdoh with her, we all had scrumptious food, and enjoyed the nice weather.

I also took some photos of "Senior Sam", but those will have to wait for another post.

Susan, Vivian, and the ever present pink and blue bunnies
With Aunt Casey

Preparing food. Of course!

Uncle Ernie

Taking care of her baby
Leaf tossing in the tree house.  You'd be amazed for how long that entertained her!


Anne relaxing

Very focused on the glitter coloring book

Someone needed to be restrained to prevent her from jumping off Mommy's lap!

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