Sunday, April 29, 2012

Annelee at the Park

We were overdue for a trip to Virginia, and finally made it down there again.  We had a great time, it was fabulous that we got to see everyone!

The first morning we were there, I took Annelee to a playground while Will picked up Anne and Vivian went to watch Nate play a game (lacrosse?).  Unfortunately, the playground wasn't too suited to the under-2 crowd, so we just hung out for a while and took some pictures before heading back to Susan's house.

More pictures to follow ... but I decided it was easier to break the photos into chunks rather than to procrastinate trying to cram everything into one single post.

Just sitting here ... hanging out, kicking my legs

Sort of a smile

Wait for me!

My stroller, so I push it (and when Mommy tried to help, she had a big meltdown in the middle of the street.  Luckily, not cars came by)


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