Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Round Hill Park & Farm

As we were driving to Anne's house in Virginia to drop her off, the kids could not get enough of the cows and horses we saw in the fields to the left and right of the road.  So, we spontaneously decided to use our free Monday and take the girls to a working farm about 40 mins from Pittsburgh, and then out to lunch.  We didn't get to see horses up close, but we saw a frog, a cat, goats, cows (including two calves), a pig, chickens, sheep, geese and ducks, and it was quite nice.  We'll have to come back on a nice, but not too warm day so we get to walk around more.

My photographer's heart was happy even before we entered the farm when we spotted this frog :)

We started with some more familiar critters ...

... then moved onto the baby cows.

We passed the sheep several times

I'm sure if this pig knew how gleefully Vivian shouts "Piggy!!!" when we serve her bacon, she wouldn't have been so relaxed during our visit!


Peeking in

I could've spent all day here.  And I wanted to take one home.

The scenery is also very enjoyable

Checking where the animals are

Pre-lunch artwork

Love the concentration!

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