Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

As is becoming tradition, I went out a few days before Easter and picked a few blooming branches off the local trees and then decorated them with the decorated Easter eggs that I have from my Dad, and the ones that I'm slowly decorating for the girls.

On Saturday, while Annelee napped, Vivian and I decorated hard-boiled eggs - not surprisingly most of them turned out pink and purple; and then Saturday evening, the Easter bunny got busy and hid some eggs and left a couple of filled baskets for the girls.

When I woke the girls up Sunday morning and asked Vivian if she wanted to check if the Easter bunny might have come, she said "He did come, didn't he?  I was a good listener yesterday, wasn't I?"  Apart from our diverging definition of a "good listener" and her thinking only yesterday counts, who knew that the Easter bunny was also dependent on good behavior.  I thought that was just Santa Claus.  I will have to milk that one next year.

Annelee found two eggs before she realized that you could open them and there was candy and money inside (the Easter bunny put quarters in some eggs when Will grew up, so we are continuing that tradition).  At that point, the search was of no interest for her, opening up the eggs was much more important.  That left more for Vivian, who, with a bit of guidance found all the eggs.

The Easter baskets contained a chocolate bunny, some hair clips and some Duplo legos - they are a huge hit in our house right now.

After breakfast, we headed to church for the next Easter egg hunt.  Annelee, when shown where some of the eggs were hidden, gladly reached into her basket and added hers to the hidden ones.  She has a lot to learn about Easter egg hunts  :)

Here are some photos from the day.   Enjoy!

We used a kit that had a sticky kind of paint that you dripped on the egg and then you rolled it between your hands.  Quick and easy - perfect for the Vee!

Vivian and her pink and purple eggs (and fingers)

The Easter baskets

Checking out the baskets

Next Easter egg hunt at Sunnyhill

At Sunnyhill

With Bridget, her secret friend (so secret that she won't find out for another week or so)

Empty eggs are also fun!

Not a great photo, but I love the concentration.  Vivian is decorating her first blown egg.

It turned out prettier than mine.  I especially like that Happy is written left to right, and Easter right to left (not that you can see that here)  :)

My attempt at a rainbow colored egg for my rainbow girl

My even worse attempt at a tie-dye egg for Annelee

Luckily, the overall result is still pretty!

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