Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Both Will and I (but mostly Will) often post little anecdotes about Vivian and Annelee on facebook. I thought it would be fun to consolidate them on the blog from time to time.

Will, July 25

So, Vivian handed me a book to read and I decided to make my own story for the pictures this time, around page 3 she interjected, "Noooo daddy, try again."

Will, July 27
Me: Vivian, do you like your new sister?
Her: Yes!
Me: Is she pretty?
...Her: Yes, she pretty!
Me: Daddy has two pretty girls, pretty Vivian and pretty Annelee!
Vivian: AND MOMMY!!!!!!
She's right, again...

Will, July 28
For the past month or so, I have had to endure something emanating from the back regions of the auto, with Vivian, "it's green daddy! Daddy, go, it's green!" I doesn't matter if cars are stopped in front of me. "GO! GREEN!" I am also in...formed of every red light...
Now I have new grief from the backseat. Now i am not one to curse other drivers unless they really put us in danger, but I often have calmer comments, like: "ok buddy, what are we doing" or "come on my friend, you can do it"
All to which Vivian has inquired, "Who are you talking to, daddy?" This is shortly followed by, "Are you talking to yourself daddy?"

Franziska, August 9
love it when Vivian proclaims on the way home "I not tired". And then promptly falls asleep two minutes later...

Will, September 4
Me: What's your favorite color?
Vivian: Green, yellow, brown and SISTERS [longish pause], and red and blue!

Will, September 4
Me: Vivian, don't play with the oven.
Her: Why?
Me: You're too little.
Her: I'm a big sister!!!!

Franziska, September 12
I was reading the street sign aloud as we turned the corner: "Tennessee Avenue" Vivian's immediate reply was: "I not can see"

Franziska, September 13
Vivian showed me how to do circle time. She held up an imaginary card with a color and I had to guess what it was. Didn't get a single one right on first try :(

Will, September 20
Vivian the negotiator
Me_eat more
Her_ no I all done
Me_please, a little more
Her_ no, I done
Me_two more bites?
Her_ no, one two three four five six more...

Franziska, September 25
Vivian is currently enjoying a cookie and a pickle. Thank goodness she's way too young for me to wonder if she's pregnant!

Will, September 25
Me: Vivian
V: Yes, daddy?
Me: I love my Vee.
[few second pause]
V: I love me too!

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