Thursday, September 30, 2010

Annelee's 2 Month Well Visit

Our girl is working hard on developing those chubby cheeks (and thighs and arms, even back). Unlike Vivian (who never got that chubby), she does not have chubby feets (Speckfuesse) though.

At her 2 month well visit, Annelee weighed in at 12lb 15oz and measured in (is that a word? it is now) at 23.5 in.

She's got a herniated belly button (it sticks out more than usual), but that's not something to worry about according to the pediatrician. This kind of thing often resolves itself over time. Annelee also got her first shots (3!) and boy, did she let everyone know how she felt about them. Her lungs are in great shape! Luckily, she did stop crying pretty quickly and then fell asleep before we even left the office.

Overall, the pediatrician declared Annelee to be absolutely perfect. Of course we already knew that!

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  1. She looks pretty perfect from here! : ) I can't wait to meet her, and see her parents and older sister, of course!