Friday, December 19, 2014

Gingerbread Houses 2014

Every year, there is an activity to build gingerbread houses in the advent calendar.  This year was no exception.  Just like all the other years, Rowan came over to build one, too.  This year, Annelee was my helper when I pre-assembled and "glued" the houses while Rowan and Vivian were at school.  She also opened up all the candy packages and put them on plates, ready to go.  The houses were decorated pretty much without my help (I did help Annelee with the icing a bit, but that was minimal).  What a change from previous years (here's the first time in 2010).  Apparently, I have been taking pictures, but not posting them in previous years (shocking, I know), so I'm adding the other ones to this post as well.

2012 - color-coordinated in purple
2011 - click for full post

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