Monday, September 9, 2013


Extended Care started on Tuesday, Kindergarten on Thursday.  After an extremely tearful departure from Preschool (apparently, both Vivian and the teachers were in tears throughout the day), Vivian seems to have no problem settling into Extended Care and Kindergarten. 

The transition was greatly helped because her best buddy Gregory is also in her ExCare class; even though he goes to a different Kindergarten.

Annelee is taking the transition harder, almost bursting into tears when we all dropped Vivian off at ExCare and Annelee couldn't stay and Vivian wasn't coming with us. 

Annelee does like KG drop-off and pick-up on Mondays and Fridays though.  Today, she ran up to Vivian (who was already lined up with the other kids to go inside) and gave her a big hug.  Very sweet!

Here are some photos from the official first day of KG.

If the backpack looks big on her, can you imagine how her classmates (who are all shorter, of course) look?
Not to be left out, Annelee donned her backpack (not that you can see it in the picture) and I had to quickly modify the sign, and she got to take a picture, too.

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