Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Vivian has two days of Extended Care under her belt.  Today, she complained to Will that he was picking her up too early because they were in the middle of a fun game.  I think she's settling in nicely.

Yesterday, she got to meet her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs Munson, for a brief interview.  She got her first piece of homework (?!?!?!) to bring to her first class tomorrow.   Luckily, it just involved filling out a paper with her name, favorite activity, food and color and a picture in the middle.

Needless to say, we were taking photos this evening.  A good thing, because I haven't been doing nearly enough of that lately.

Annelee, of course, needed to have her picture taken, too.

Annelee seems to be taking the whole transition to Kindergarten the hardest.  She keeps telling me that she is now going to go to KG, too, and doesn't like it when I point out that she needs to be 5 years old.  When we dropped Vivian off at EC today, she almost cried because she wasn't allowed to stay and Vivian wasn't coming with us.  Poor girl.

So, here are the photos from our impromptu session.

I'm pretty sure that a beginning Kindergartener isn't allowed to look so big already!

Curly-headed preschooler

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