Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

We drove down to Virginia for Easter weekend.  Spent lots of time hanging out with family ... it was lovely.  As usual, I took way too many photos to get a post up in a timely manner, but I'm finally buckling down and working on the photos.  This may be a long post!

Luckily, the Easter bunny seems to have a good grasp at which children travel for the holidays, because he did visit Annelee and Vivian at Aunt Susan's house.  Notice the fancy pink egg in Vivian's loot, it was discovered while the Page siblings helped Anne sort through some of Newton's stuff, and immediately handed out to the Easter bunny for reuse!

Vivian with part of her loot - candy, coins, a funky ball and paint pens.  Annelee got a cuddly toy
We'll call this one "Symphony in Purple"  :)
What ARE those plastic things they keep surrounding me with?
We spent a lot of time hanging out on the deck ...
... even the dogs
Ok, she's in the dining room, but still ... hanging out
Uncle Ernie and Annelee and the Easter Eggs ... yum!

The lid is the most fascinating part of this toy

Ms Vee
Susan did a great job getting a photo of me and the two wiggly girls

Vivian's dramatic pose
Sometimes, I get back into the old habit of photographing just flowers ...
Artist Vivian and her helper
Very pleased with her (and Susan's) work!

Daddy and his wiggly silly goils

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