Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Tradition

My Dad had a beautiful Easter tradition when we were little (and even now, sometimes, even though we are grown).  He would blow out and paint an Easter egg for my brother and I each year, and then go and cut some branches to hang them on.  It makes for some really wonderful Easter decoration.

A few years ago, my parents divided up the eggs between my brother and I and now we get to decorate our own Easter bouquet.

With Vivian and Annelee, I am trying to keep the tradition alive, even though I don't think my painting skills have evolved since I was a child.  :)

On Monday, we had a beautiful warm and sunny day, so Vivian and I set out to cut some branches, put them in the vase and then proceeded to hang up the eggs.  She would point to the next one to hang up and I would either explain them (e.g., the one with the Pittsburgh Skyline or the one with Will cooking) or read out the name and the year for her.

This evening, I sat down and added two more eggs to the collection, Annelee's first and Vivian's third (oops, I missed one year).  I can't wait until they are old enough to paint eggs with me.

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