Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trip To Germany - Christmas Day

We finally arrived Christmas Day.  Vati was home on leave from the hospital for the day.  The tree was ready to be decorated.  Marion, Sebastian, Tobias and Christel were coming over in the afternoon - it's finally Christmas!  And what a lovely afternoon we had.  Vati directed the tree decorating, primarily done by Sebastian and me (just like when we were kids).  Vivian helped a little bit, but lost interest quickly.

In the afternoon, we sat around, chatted, opened presents (plenty, even though the ones from us weren't there) and just enjoyed all being in one room together.  The first time all three Lang-grandchildren were together! 

Vivian and Tobias got re-acquainted first by being shy, then by absconding into Vivian's room to play when no one was watching.  It was great.

No trees were burned down during the taking of this photo (or the entire time we were in Germany)  :)

Everyone.  And, yes, Vivian's covered in band aids.  She got them as a gift and had to try them all out!
Yes, Baby Emily also needed several band aids...

As is tradition, my Dad reads a poem that he wrote for my Mom in the Piggy book

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