Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Annelee's Six Month Check-Up

Vivian and I took Annelee in for her six month check-up on Monday.  As usual, here are the vital stats first:

Height: 28in (71cm)
Weight: 19lb 5oz (8.75kg)

For comparison, Vivian at six months was exactly the same height, but weighed in at only 16lb 3oz.  In fact, even at her 9 month visit, she didn't weigh much more than Annelee does now.  It's all in the cheeks and legs with Annelee.  Certainly not the head (circumference, at least, good thing that head size is not an indicator of intelligence!), because that's actually smaller than Vivian's was at the same time.

The day before the well-visit, Annelee finally decided to roll from her belly to her back.  Several times even.  I was excited to be able to answer a question about her "rollability" with yes, but the pediatrician never inquired  :(

Everything else looked fine, too, the pediatrician was pleased that we had already started solids and that Annelee liked her food.  We talked a little bit about the sleeping arrangements and who falls asleep where and spends the night where ... we'll be experimenting with that a bit.  See if we can't figure something out where we can leave Annelee to "chat" for a bit during the night without Vivian ending up overtired and sleep-deprived.

Then, Annelee got her vaccinations (four shots and one oral one - OUCH!) and she was NOT HAPPY!!!!  Even before the nurse got started actually.  Luckily, she did calm down pretty quick again afterwards, and Vivian wasn't too phased by it, either.  She ran a bit of a fever the next day, but even that's already gone again and she's back to being her happy self.

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  1. You guys just don't do little babies! : ) I think four shots at once is just cruel... poor little thing. They do recover fairly quickly, but it's not fun while it's happening.