Friday, May 14, 2010


During the first May weekend, Vivian's almost twin and friend Emma spent the night with us. We spent most of the afternoon and evening outside, tiring out the girls. Fun was had by all!

We started out with the sidewalk chalk.

Then we moved onto the playground, but only briefly, because it was just too hot. We did stay long enough to have a snack though.

Then we headed home again to cool off in the pool. Yes, Vivian's bathing suit (or "baby-soup" as she calls it) is too small, since it was last years and I hadn't bought her one for this year yet. That quickly became a non-issue since the girls decided to run around naked instead. Sorry, no pictures of that ;)

Emma sat in a bucket. I can't quite remember how that one came about. But we documented it anyway. :)

Will and John (who was visiting from VA) grilled hotdogs and bratwurst for dinner, which were enjoyed by all.

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