Tuesday, November 3, 2009


When Will and I found out that Leonard Cohen had neglected to put Pittsburgh on his tour schedule, but was going to come to Cleveland, Ohio (about 2.5 hrs drive from here), the only logistical question that prevented us from immediately ordering tickets was the question of where Vivian could stay over night. Luckily, Katherine and Michael, Emma's parents, were willing to take the poor abandoned child in. By all accounts, they had a fun time. Vivian didn't really cry until we came back the next morning to pick her up - either because she liked it so much better with Katherine, Michael and Emma; or because she suddenly realized how long we had left her alone (you pick). Will and I had a fabulous time at the show in Cleveland, too.

Katherine posted some pictures of the sleep-over on her blog here.

Thanks, again, Katherine, Michael & Emma!

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