Monday, April 27, 2015

Impromptu Photo Shoot

The other day we finally had one of those rare sunny nice spring days and I decided to take the camera in the backyard and make the girls pose for me before "releasing" them to play.  They like the "make a silly face" shots too much at this point, sometimes, that's all I get; but this time, I got some nice ones thrown in, too.

All smiles.  Ironically, this is one of the first pictures I took, I could've quit right then and would've been happy with the results.

You can almost hear their giggles

And then I got them to pose again

It's hard to get Annelee to not have her head all the way to the side in a silly pose at the moment.  I'm pretty sure Vivian went through that phase as well.  This one's pretty good though.

I like that you can still see those gaps where she lost the baby teeth

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