Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

After our pre-Christmas whirlwind weekend, our third Christmas at home started to follow a nice familiar pattern.   

Christmas Eve, we went to the early (5pm) service at church, and then stopped by a party two friends always throw on Christmas Eve.  Then home, and the opening of gifts from family.  The girls got their usual PJs and a book and then a necklace each and a radio clock. 

We sat the radio alarm for 7am and told the girls not to get out of bed before it went off, in case they scared off Santa.  Before we went to bed, we put out Santa's gifts (as usual), when we suddenly heard footsteps upstairs.  As it turned out, Vivian had chosen that moment to wake up and go potty.  Luckily, the next day, she confirmed she just heard us being loud downstairs, and was shocked how late we were up (it was about 11.30 :)

7am the next morning came and went, and no girls were trying to see if Santa had been here.  At some point, I snuck in their room to check, but the alarm apparently hadn't gotten off.  Vivian bolted upright and ran upstairs to discover that Santa had, indeed, come.  We woke Annelee up and all went downstairs.  The girls emptied out their stockings and tore the paper from the gifts and oohed and aahed over them even though they didn't always know what was in the packaging.  Apparently, it's still all about the wrapping and the thought of opening the gifts and we could've gotten away with pretty boxes ...

Although, when all was said and done, the Legos, puzzle, Vivian's first chapter book and Annelee's new tent were definitely hits.

We then spent the rest of the day lounging about and playing with the new toys.  For the first time, I made my Dad's sauces for the fondue and was quite happy with all of them.  Vivian loved the "feast you have to cook yourself" even though she didn't try any of the sauces.  Annelee was rather meh about the food.  Will and I enjoyed it, too.

All in all, a good Christmas.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2014!

The obligatory "Please pose in front of the tree and smile" photo

Vivian is excited about the book she got, but Annelee has already moved onto Vivian's next gift

Annelee unwrapping her gift

An umbrella!

Vivian checking out her do-it-yourself blanket kit with Daddy

Apparently, we got hit by a wrapping paper tornado

Post-gift-opening relaxation with a lollipop

Working on her lego-friends book

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