Monday, August 13, 2012

Face Painting Gone Wild

Casey and Ernie were in town a couple of weekends ago.  The Saturday shaped up to be rather rainy, which suited us lazy adults looking for relaxation just fine, but somehow, the kids still expected entertainment.  So we invited Rowan over and Casey painted their faces.  They looked fabulous.   This was not enough for the girls, though, they wanted to get in on the painting action.  And, boy, did they ever.  There are several additional paint iterations that did not make it into the pictures.  A lot of fun was had by all participants!

Work in progress

Rowan completes the doggy-look

The witch and the dog

Casey was a saint to let both girls work on her simultaneously

As soon as Vivian was done with me, she immediately moved onto her next "victim"

Quite possibly one of the scariest family portraits ever!

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