Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mud Bath

Although the year started with snow, we are already back at unseasonably warm temperatures, and we decided to take down our Christmas lights.  The girls played in the front-yard.  I use that term loosely, because there was a distinct focus on maximizing the amount of mud on themselves.  They marched right into the shower and all their clothes and coats found themselves on a trip to the washing machine.  But, the important thing was they had fun!

Pre-dirt with her favorite kittycat shirt

Pre-dirt and actually just smiling instead of posing.  Is there light at the end of that particular tunnel?

Holding her ears when the noisy truck that collects Christmas trees came by ... this is really what started it all (even though the coat had clearly already suffered!) ...

Taking full advantage of already being dirty!

For once, Vivian is copying Annelee, and not the other way around

Mightily pleased with themselves!

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