Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nine Months

Annelee had her nine month check-up yesterday.

Let's start with the vitals, as usual.  She's in 90-95th percentile for both height and weight:

  • Height:  29.5"  (75cm).  Vivian had her beat (just) with 30"
  • Weights:  21 lb 12oz (9.87 kg).  Vivian continued to be a lightweight by comparison:  19 lb 11 oz.  At least the gap hasn't widened from the 6 month check-up.  In fact, it has shrunk  :)

As usual, the pediatrician was overall very happy with Annelee.  She asked if Annelee already recognized any words, but immediately added that it would be very early.  The only one I could think of was "Vivian".  So I turned toward the wall with her and asked her where Vivian was.  She turned around to try and look at her.  Imagine the beaming proud Mama I was to have one of my girls perform on command for once in my life ;)

I later thought of another word she recognizes:  "fishies "(I guess I should teach her "fish" one day).  Every time we change her diaper, I ask her where the fishies are (the mobile over the changing table).  She looks directly at them.  Then, when the diaper is changed, I pick her up and we look at each fish and the shape of his mouth (they are different) and make the sound they would make if they could speak.  I used to do the same with Vivian and both girls love it.

Anyways, the pediatrician was pleased with her eating (in addition to all sorts of jars of baby food, Annelee has eaten mashed potatoes, pasta and sauce, blueberry pancakes, bagel, bananas, avocado, soup, cheerioes, grits, and probably a whole other host of things I forget).  She recommended adding meat for iron.  So, that evening Annelee had BBQ chicken and corn mixed with one of her jars.  To round it off, she had applesauce and a taste of Daddy's home-made mango sorbet.  That little baby of ours is such a gourmet!

Her grasping at things and pince grip as well as sitting up were all on target, too.

Then came the (not so) fun part.  Because of her recent throwing up and stomach pains, they wanted a urine sample.  Which they do with babies by taping a bag over their "girly bits" and waiting until they pee.  And wait we did ... but she finally performed and all looked good.

We then went for a blood draw (finger prick) that afternoon (which they always do at 9 months) which Annelee did not appreciate.  When we were leaving, someone in the waiting room asked "What were you doing to that baby?".  Ooops.  They may have to sound proof their office next time.  :)

Next appointment after her 1st birthday.

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