Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Will brought Vivian into the hospital the morning after Annelee was born. All along, Vivian had been very excited about "Tummyseed", and asked me pretty much every day if the baby had come out of my belly yet. And every day I had pointed to my belly, sighed, and said "No, my belly is still here" ;) We were curious to see how she would react now that the baby had come out.

She was totally excited and immediately wanted to hold Annelee (Will had practiced the name with her on the drive to the hospital, so she already knew the name wasn't Tummyseed any longer). She climbed up on the bed with us and immediately wanted to hold her. She was very gentle with her, just the perfect big sister.

As they were leaving to go home again, Will said "Do you want to kiss Mommy good bye?" In response, Vivian scrambled back on the bed, and insisted that Annelee needed a kiss good bye. Mommy got a quick wave. Looks like the sisterhood has bonded already!

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