Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

When I told Vivian Saturday evening that I thought the Easter Bunny might come overnight and hide some eggs, she broke out in almost hysterical giggles in anticipation. Luckily, that didn't prevent her from falling asleep at a normal time, though. Whew!

We had to leave early Sunday morning to go to church (Will was providing the flowers for the services), so we had planned to look for the eggs after church. Of course, Vivian managed to spot a couple already before we managed to get out of the door.

Little did we know that the Easter Bunny had come to church, too, so Vivian got to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt there, as well.

At home, the bunny had hidden a couple of eggs outside, and the rest in the living room, together with some colorful markers, playdoh and a cuddly bunny rabbit. The eggs were filled with chocolate eggs, jelly beans and a couple even had some quarters in them!

I tried to get Vivian outside afterwards to do a "proper" photo, but for almost every shot she did an exaggerated "cheese" (with full goofy facial expression), was checking out the contents of her basket or was busy chewing on jelly beans, so it was not easy. And with hindsight (now that I looked at the photos), the sun probably made her squint a bit, too. Ooops.

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  1. For next time- flip her around so the sun is behind her and use the flash on your camera.
    No squinting! (she's way cute, anyway)