Saturday, March 7, 2009

Meet The Neighbors

We've had two absolutely beautiful spring days in a row. Which means that we have spent a good amount of time outside. I've had comments from no less than five neighbors along the lines of "Oh, goodness. Vivian's walking. When did that happen?". Yes. We don't see the neighbors much during the winter. In spring/summer/fall, this changes. The kids all hang out in the street, and, therefore, so do the parents. It was nice before we had Vivian, but I predict an even more fun outside time for us this year. Except for those occasions where we want Vivian to (a) come inside or (b) get into the car instead of running into the street. Oh, and we need to work on that running into the street habit.

Today, Vivian and one of the neighbor kids (who is about 2 1/2) sat on a bench together and showed everyone their belly buttons. Vivian borrowed one of the kid's plasma car and actually did very well, both propelling herself forward (and backward) and steering.

She dug through a neighbors gravel (little stones, the texture, ooooh!); eyed one of the dogs suspiciously and ran toward another one. In the meantime, I got to chat and catch up with everyone.

Let's just hope winter doesn't come back. I'm done with it. Happy spring!

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